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About Us 

Online Studio Arts classes & workshops are taught and critiqued by Eileen Baumeister McIntyre and Patti Nepolitano Kern who have a combined 55 years of art education experience.

Eileen and Patti are both New York State Certified Art Teachers with Masters Degrees and are practicing professional fine artists having exhibited their own artworks at galleries and museums across the country.

Eileen owns and operates Art Studio Hamptons Gallery in Westhampton Beach, New York. She also runs Art Studio Hamptons art school there. Eileen is also a jewelry designer and owner of Garden of Silver Handmade Jewelry.

 Patti is also a children’s book illustrator and muralist creating both public and private comissions.

 They look forward to working with you on your artistic journey.

Our Vision

Our Vision behind Starting This Online Studio Arts art education website.

Our Passion for Artistic Empowerment:

At Online Studio Arts our journey began from a deep-rooted passion for art and a shared belief in the transformative power of creative expression.

As high school art teachers we began this Online Studio Arts site to help high school students with their college art portfolios. With arts education missing from so many creative students lives, we saw a need to help them gain access to their future artistic endeavors through a high quality art portfolio. We have helped hundreds of students from all over the globe do this.

Now we recognized the need to create an accessible platform not only for teenagers but where individuals of all ages and levels of abilitycould harness their artistic potential and embark on a fulfilling artistic journey.

Accessibility and Inclusivity:

Inspired by the desire to break down barriers, our vision was to create a space that transcends geographical boundaries and welcomes individuals from all walks of life. We aimed to provide a convenient and flexible avenue for learning, catering to diverse skill levels, ages, and backgrounds.

Nurturing Creative Communities:

Art possesses the remarkable ability to unite, inspire, and spark connections. With this program, we envisioned fostering a vibrant community of artists, learners, and enthusiasts—a space where sharing, collaboration, and encouragement thrive, enriching each participant's artistic experience.

Expert Guidance and Quality Education:

Driven by the commitment to deliver excellence, we curated a team of passionate instructors and artists dedicated to imparting their knowledge, guiding students, and nurturing talent. We sought to offer comprehensive, high-quality art education, empowering individuals to explore, learn, and grow artistically.

Adapting to Changing Times:

Recognizing the evolving landscape of education, especially in the digital realm, we aimed to harness technology's potential to create an engaging and interactive learning environment. This platform was developed as a response to the changing needs of modern learners seeking innovative, accessible learning experiences.

Our Commitment to You:

Above all, our program's inception stemmed from the commitment to serve and empower aspiring artists, enthusiasts, and lifelong learners. We are dedicated to providing a supportive, enriching space where creativity thrives, skills are honed, and artistic passions are nurtured.

Join us on this artistic odyssey, where creativity knows no bounds and every stroke tells a story. Welcome to Online Studio Arts—where art education meets inspiration, innovation, and inclusivity.

We are glad you are here!

Eileen & Patti
Online Studio Arts Founders


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The Online Studio Arts Membership is designed to offer a wealth of resources, learning opportunities and a supportive environment for beginning artists to learn, develop & create.


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The Online Studio Arts Creative Community is designed to offer a wealth of resources, learning opportunities and a supportive environment for beginning artists to learn, develop & create.
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