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The Online Studio Arts Creative Community is designed to offer a wealth of resources, learning opportunities and a supportive environment for beginning artists to learn, develop & create.

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Online Studio Arts Creative Community 

We would love to have you join us! Here are some of the benefits:

Sketchbook & Creative Challenges

Will get you to think creatively, develop your observational skills, inspire you to explore new themes, styles and mediums and to improve your artistic vision. Sharing your artwork with our community is encouraged!


Art Courses Access

With your Online Studio Arts Creative Community membership you have access to an expanding collection of our online art courses. Each month we will add to the courses and workshops.

Art resources, PDF downloads and reference materials are provided for each art lesson. 

Learn From & Create With Certified Art Teachers

This Online Studio Arts Membership was created and developed by New York State Certified Art Teachers with a combined 55 years in the classroom teaching and they are also professional working artists. 

They make learning art techniques easy, relaxing and enjoyable!


Video Demonstrations

All art projects/sketchbook assignments will be accompanied by easy to understand video lessons. You will learn about different art techniques and how to use a wide variety of art supplies.

Art Contests, Calls to Artists & Scholarship Information

Learn about student art contests, calls to artists for gallery exhibitions, college art scholarship info and art portfolio days. We will introduce you to the many possibilities available to our artist members.

Live Online Group Artwork Critiques

Invitations to our LIVE online events. Online live group art critiques of your artwork by Certified Art Teachers/professional artists for feedback and advice about your artwork in our supportive environment.


Art Community 

Access to the Online Studio Arts Membership Private Community where students can upload & discuss artwork, get feedback & advice and interact with other art students from all around the world.

Live Drawing & Painting Parties

Live streaming sessions where members can draw together, share tips and interact in real time. These networking sessions build a strong sense of our member community and are so much fun!

Online Member Art Gallery

Invitations to participate in virtual online exhibitions to showcase members artwork to a wider audience.

Art Reference Materials

Can't come up with an idea? we have you covered! We have an ever changing selection of images, downloads, gridded reference materials to get you started and on your way to creating!

Art Therapy & Wellness Exercises

Explore the therapeutic benefits of art, mindfulness exercises and discussions on mental health in the context of creativity.

Behind the Scenes

Get glimpses into artists studeio, creative process or works in progress that offers a deeper connection to the creative journey.  

Artist spotlight & interviews with established or upcoming artists showcasing tehir work, experiences and insights into the art industry.


Take a sneak peek at what to expect:

Patti and Eileen take you on a walk through the Creative Community website and explain what to expect after joining the creative fun.

Online Studio Arts Creative Community 

This exciting and creative community membership is designed to be a comprehensive art foundations online venue to learn a wide variety of art mediums and is taught by Certified Art Teachers who are also professional artists. We encourage our members to explore, connect, participate and create with us.

FOUNDING MEMBERS SPECIAL $10 Per Month for the lifetime of your membership.
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$20 Per Month

Early Registration Special for Founding Creatives. Price will increase to $20 soon.

    • Art Courses Access

      With your Online Studio Arts Creative Community membership you have access to an expanding collection of our online art courses. Each month we will add to the courses and workshops.

    • Creative Challenges

    • Online Art Critique Sessions

    • Guest Workshops and Masterclasses

    • Artist Spotlight & Interviews

    • Live Drawing & Painting Parties

    • Art Reference Materials

    • Business & Marketing Tips for Artists

    • Online Gallery Exhibitions

    • Monthly Themes or Prompts

    • Behind-the-Scenes Content

    •  Community Achievements

    • Resource Sharing


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Who is this 

This membership for creatives is versatile and caters to a wide range of individuals with varying interests, skill levels, and objectives. We offer valuable resources, structured guidance, and a supportive community for anyone passionate about exploring art, developing their skills, or enhancing their creativity.

Creativity Seekers:
Those looking to stimulate and enhance their creative thinking, problem-solving abilities, or overall well-being through art.

Lifelong Learners: People who value continuous learning and self-improvement, regardless of their current skill level in art.

Novices: Those new to art looking for a supportive learning environment to explore their creativity and develop basic skills.

Aspiring Artists: Individuals with a passion for art seeking structured guidance and foundational skills in various mediums.

Art Enthusiasts: People interested in art history, appreciation, or learning about various art movements and techniques without the intention of creating art themselves.

Practicing Artists: Established artists seeking ongoing education, refinement of skills, or exploration of specific techniques or styles.

Art Educators: Teachers or instructors looking to expand their knowledge base, discover innovative teaching methods, or access resources for their students.

Improving Artists: Individuals with some art experience aiming to refine their techniques, broaden their skills, and explore new mediums or styles.

Transitioning Artists: Those looking to move from amateur to a more serious pursuit of art as a hobby or potential career.


About the Art Teachers

Eileen Baumeister McIntyre and Patti Napolitano Kern are both New York State Certified Art Teachers with Masters Degrees and are practicing professional fine artists having exhibited their own artworks at galleries and museums across the country.

As public school art teachers, with decades of experience in the classroom and with credentials teaching college level, Advanced Placement classes, adults and international students, they have served countless students in achieving scholarships and acceptance into distinguished art colleges and universities based on the high quality of their art portfolios that were developed together.

Eileen is the gallery owner of Art Studio Hamptons Gallery in Westhampton Beach, New York and runs an art education studio there as well. She is also a professional jewelry designer and owner of Garden of Silver Handmade Jewelry.

Patti is a children's book illustrator and muralist as well creating artworks for public and private clients nationally.

They are excited about helping you to grow and develop as an artist.

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