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This comprehensive art foundations course is designed to fulfill high school art credit requirements and is taught by Certified Art Teachers.

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Studio In Art Online includes:

Sketchbook Challenges

Will get you to think creatively, develop your observational skills, improve your artistic vision and document your creative process. 

National Arts Education Standards are part of each sketchbook and art project o insure a well rounded visual arts education.

Art Project Lessons

Art projects designed for students to learn the Elements of Art & Principles of Design by using a variety of art materials while learning to improve art skills. Work at your own pace through the 40 week curriculum.

Art resources, PDF downloads and reference materials are provided for each art lesson. 

Work Directly With Certified Art Teachers

This Studio In Art Online art course was created and developed by New York State Certified Art Teachers with a combined 50 years in the classroom teaching it. 

All artwork for the course will be assessed & critiqued. We will provide a Certificate of Completion & Official Transcript as documentation to satisfy high school art graduation requirements that students can give to their home schools.

Video Demonstrations

All art projects/sketchbook assignments will be accompanied by easy to understand video lessons. You will learn about different art techniques and how to use a wide variety of art supplies.

Art Scholarship and College Information

Learn about student art contests, college art scholarship info and art portfolio days. Explore different college art majors and the variety of careers in the creative arts and entrepreneurship as we introduce you to the many possibilities available to you.

Livestream Arts Events

Invitations to our LIVE online events. Online live group art critiques of your artwork by Certified Art Teachers for feedback and advice about your artwork in our supportive environment.

Also, participate in interviews with a variety of art world influencers. 

Art History Connections

We connect art project and sketchbook assignments to art history movements and individual artists to help you round out your art education.

Art Community 

Access to the Studio In Art Private Community where students can upload & discuss artwork, get feedback & advice and interact with other art students from all around the world.

Virtual Field Trips

Join us as we take you around the world to famous museums, sculpture gardens, photography studios, jewelry designers studios, fine artists studios, art galleries and more on our exciting 'Field Trip Fridays'.

Studio In Art Online

This High School Studio In Art online course is designed to be a comprehensive art foundations course to satisfy high school graduation requirements. 

Students can work at their own pace to complete 40 weeks of art assignments that will be assessed by Certified Art Teachers throughout the course.

Emphasis is placed on the Elements of Art & Principles of Design while students learn about a variety of artists and art processes. Drawing, painting, printmaking, two & three-dimensional design, and digital art projects will be explored throughout the course.

Very limited enrollment because of all the individual attention we offer our students throughout the course.

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  • Art Projects & Sketchbook Challenges
  • Individual Artwork Advice from Certified Art Teachers
  • Certificate of Completion, course grade & Official Transcript for students home school documentation
  • Video Demonstrations
  • Downloadable Resources & Art Lessons
  • Livestream Critiques & Arts Events
  • Art History Connections
  • Art Community Inclusion
  • Virtual Field Trips
  • Art Scholarships & College Info
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$57 / Month

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Who is this 

  • High school students wishing to complete their art graduation requirements online.

  • Students who enjoy the freedom and benefits of high quality online art education which is taught by Certified Art Teachers.

  • Art students that are enthusiastic to get additional ideas, feedback and support from professional artists/teachers while growing their body of artwork. 

  • Students that are serious about learning and want to get a head start on creating their art portfolios.

  • Art students looking to improve their art skills and art education through a supportive approach.

  • Home schooled and International students without access to trained fine art professionals/teachers.

  • Middle school students wishing to get a head start on their high school art foundations course.

About the Art Teachers

Eileen Baumeister McIntyre and Patti Kern are both New York State Certified Art Teachers with Masters Degrees and are both practicing professional fine artists having exhibited their own artworks at galleries and museums across the country.

As public school art teachers, with decades of experience in the classroom and with credentials teaching college level, Advanced Placement classes, adults and international students, they have served countless students in achieving scholarships and acceptance into distinguished art colleges and universities based on the high quality of their art portfolios that were developed together.

They are excited about helping you to grow and develop as an artist.

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