Online Art Portfolio Prep

Create and develop your art portfolio online 

For Aspiring Art Students To Create A High Quality Art Portfolio
For Admission & Scholarships to Art Colleges.

Learn To Develop & Create Your Art Portfolio Through
Online Assignments, Individual Critiques
& A Private Video Conference
We Look Forward To Working With You!

If you are in need of some help with your art portfolio
and wondering if it is good enough or
what you should be doing to make it amazing,
we are here to help you realize your creative dreams .
NOW is the perfect time to get started.

Online Art Portfolio Prep

What Does The Course Include?

  • 8 Week Online Course Intensive

    You can complete your entire art portfolio in 8 weeks but also have the option of taking your time as the course is self directed.
  • Weekly Art Assignments

    We send you art projects each week in a variety of art mediums to help you improve your art skills.  Art assignments are clearly explained and easy to follow at your own pace.
  • Sketchbook Assignments

    Will get you to think creatively, develop your observational skills and document your creative process. 
  • Art History Connections

    We connect art project and sketchbook assignments to art history movements and individual artists to help you round out your art education.
  • Video Tutorials

    Our videos will clearly explain the projects, show you examples and will guide you through various creative techniques and art materials.
  • Digital Downloads

    PDF files of art assignments, sketchbook projects and links to numerous online resources to further your artistic education.
  • Individualized Feedback

    As students upload images of their sketchbook assignments and final projects, the art teachers will provide written comments and suggestions for improvement throughout the course.
  • Private Online Consultation/Critique

    A Private Online Critique/Consultation is included for Art Portfolio Prep students at the end of the course. The art instructors will review and discuss your completed artworks to give feedback, suggestions for improvement and answer any additional questions you may have. The teachers will then be in a position to write college recommendation letters at that time.
    Eileen Baumeister McIntyre and Patti Kern, are both professional artists and have a combined 50 years of experience in art education teaching high school, Advanced Placement, college, International and adult art students.
    We are looking forward to working with you!
  • Letter of Recommendation

    For our deserving students completing the course who have had an online consultation with us, we are happy to write a personalized letter of recommendation for college applications.

  • Community Support:

    Access to the Inner Circle Art Portfolio Prep Private Community where you can upload your artwork, get feedback and support, discuss your art and creative process and interact with other students in the course from all around the world.

  • Guaranteed Results

    We are confident that you will be happy with your results after taking Online Art Portfolio Prep. If you are not satisfied that we have dramatically helped you improve artistically and creatively, we will refund your full tuition. See details below.

Who is this course for?

  • High school juniors and seniors looking to create their art portfolio for admission and scholarships to art colleges.
  • Advanced Placement Studio in Art students that are enthusiastic to get additional ideas, feedback and support from professional artists/teachers while growing their body of artwork. 
  • High school freshmen and sophomores that are serious about learning and want to get a head start on creating their art portfolios.
  • Home schooled and International students without access to trained fine art professionals/teachers.
  • High school students that do not have transportation to physically attend art classes outside of school.
  • College students looking to change majors and need to submit a portfolio of work.
  • People applying to an art related job and need to show off their artistic skills in a professional manner.
  • Students that do not have room in their schedules for advanced level art classes.
  • Students looking to improve their art skills and art education through an intensive, supportive and individualized approach.
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About the Art Teachers

The Online Art Portfolio Prep teachers are 
Patti Kern and Eileen Baumeister McIntyre
Both teachers are practicing professional artists and have
a combined 50 years of experience teaching art to high school,
college, Advanced Placement students, International students and adults.

Their students have been accepted to some of the worlds top art colleges and many have been awarded art scholarships based on their high quality, professional art portfolios that were developed together.

You can visit their personal fine art and jewelry websites:

Patti Kern         Eileen Baumeister McIntyre         Garden of Silver


Online Art Portfolio Prep 
is the ONLY program of its kind that…

  • Is developed and taught by New York State Certified art teachers with Masters Degrees in addition to being practicing professional fine artists as well.
    Both Eileen and Patti have exhibited their own artworks at galleries and museums across the United States.

  • Provides students personal attention and feedback about their artwork via written detailed critiques in conjunction with a private video conference

  • Focuses on developing individualized artistic vision through art assignments and critiques

  • Has assisted students in achieving art scholarships and acceptance to distinguished art colleges and universities

  • Is self paced but also possible to create an entire art portfolio from scratch within the 8 week course structure for students that are in need of an art portfolio very quickly

  • Money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with your results after working with us.

If you’re ready to finally create a superior and diverse body of work in your art portfolio, we invite you to sign up today.


"Online Studio Arts Art Portfolio Prep had the best syllabus, was the most resource rich and having Eileen and Patti right there all the time was super, super helpful. I really appreciate this course, it is a really good investment."

Online Studio Arts Student

Learn to Develop & Create Your Art Portfolio Online


Guaranteed Results When You Do The Work

We are confident that your artwork and artistic vision will greatly improve throughout this course as we work together.

If you are not satisfied that we have dramatically helped you improve artistically and creatively, we will refund your tuition.

You must complete ALL the work that we assign-sketchbook projects and final projects for each week of the course and upload your work so we can critique it and give you feedback.

You get in what you put out. We feel that if you are motivated and dedicated to improving your artwork, we will help you to advance and develop your artistic vision and skills.

If, after completing the work for the course and consulting with us, you are not happy with your artistic progress, we will give you a full refund.

We know that you will be very happy with your investment in your future creative journey.

Online Art Portfolio Prep




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