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The Online Studio Arts Creative Community is designed to offer a wealth of resources, learning opportunities and a supportive environment for beginning artists to learn, develop & create.

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Art Classes & Workshops

Art projects designed for students to learn the basics in a fun and relaxed way using a variety of art materials while learning to improve art skills. New art lessons and creative challenges will be added weekly and are recorded for you to work at your own pace.

Art resources, PDF downloads and reference materials are provided for each art lesson.

Art Community Access

Access to the Online Studio Arts Creative Community where students can upload & discuss artwork, get feedback & advice and interact with other art students from all around the world.

Live streaming sessions where members can draw together, share tips and interact in real time. These networking sessions build a strong sense of our member community and are so much fun!

Learn From & Create With Certified Art Teachers

Eileen & Patti are bothNew York State Certified Art Teachers with a combined 55 years in the classroom teaching students of all ages and levels of ability. They are also professional working artists having exhibited at galleries and museums nationally.

They make learning art techniques easy, relaxing and enjoyable!

This exciting Online Studio Arts Creative Community membership is designed to be a comprehensive art foundations online venue to learn a wide variety of art mediums and is taught by Certified Art Teachers who are also professional artists. We encourage our members to explore, connect, participate and create with us.
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    • Art Technique Workshops:¬†Scheduled workshops focusing on specific art techniques and tips such as drawing basics, watercolor painting, portrait sketching, mixed media techniques, color mixing, etc.

    • Creative Challenges:¬†Weekly and monthly artwork and sketchbook challenges to inspire members to explore new themes, styles, or mediums and share their creations within the community.

    • Online¬†Art Critique Sessions:¬†Regular sessions where members can share their artwork for constructive feedback and critique from peers and mentors.

    • Guest Workshops and Masterclasses:¬†Guest artists and industry professionals will conduct exclusive workshops or masterclasses on specialized topics.

    • Artist Spotlight & Interviews:¬†Featuring interviews with established or upcoming artists, showcasing their work, experiences, and insights into the art industry.

    • Live Drawing & Painting Parties:¬†Live streaming sessions where members can draw together, share tips, and interact in real-time.

    • Portfolio Reviews:¬†Occasional portfolio reviews where members can seek guidance on improving their portfolios or artwork presentation by certified art teachers/practicing artists.

    • Art Reference Materials:¬†Can‚Äôt come up with an idea? We have an ever changing selection of images, downloads, gridded reference materials to get you started, stress free!

    • Business & Marketing for Artists:¬†Workshops or discussions on marketing strategies, online presence, and running an art business.

    • Art Therapy and Wellness:¬†Exploring the therapeutic benefits of art, mindfulness exercises, and discussions on mental health in the context of creativity.

    • Online Gallery Exhibitions:¬†Virtual exhibitions to showcase members' artwork to a wider audience.

    • Social Events:¬†Social events such as virtual art caf√©s, networking sessions, or casual art chats to build a strong sense of our member community.

    • Monthly Themes or Prompts:¬†Monthly themes and/or prompts to inspire members and encourage diverse interpretations in their artwork.

    • Behind-the-Scenes Content:¬†Provide glimpses into artists' studios, creative processes or works in progress to offer a deeper connection to the creative journey.

    • Community Achievements:¬†We will celebrate milestones, exhibitions, or achievements of community members, fostering a supportive environment.

    • Resource Sharing:¬†Access to useful resources such as tutorials, art references, recommended art supplies, software, etc.


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